I have been really enjoying yoga recently. It makes me feel so peaceful. Whenever I’m in a bad mood or stressed I go and pull some seriously feel good stretches…. and I’m a new woman. You can do it anywhere, it easily fits into your day.

This is a really sweet poem from a wonderful book I’m reading on this way of life (Yoga Beyond Belief, Ganga White). I’m an atheist and this seems like the perfect alternate for me, it allows me to clear my mind, purifying my body, and it can be really spiritual too.

What if…

What if our religion was each other

If our practice was our life

If prayer, our words

What if the temple was the earth

If forests were our church

If holy water – the rivers, lakes, and oceans

What if meditation was our relationships

If the Teacher was life

If wisdom was self-knowledge

If love was the center of our being.

(Ganga White, for the Rainforest Benefit, NYC, April 1998)


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