Some G.R.E.A.T songs discovered recently:

HAIM – forever

Grimes – My sister says the saddest things (must be listened to with headphones or good speakers)


Summer… You’re so nearly here!

Everyone who lives in the north knows how overdue Summer feels when it finally comes… I’m in dire need of some vitamin D – and Britain is teasing me with this soggy spring and occasional flash of sun. I’m currently revising for my last exam and planning my trip to the Deep South in the USA. I’m off in June for a 5 week road trip with my boyfriend, Sam to do my research on Children’s Beauty Pageants for my dissertation. University life is pretty sweet! I’ll write more about it soon. But I haven’t posted in so long, I’d like to get some pictures up first…

I hope you’ve been watching Game of Thrones – it’s always so intense and gripping; you’re never disappointed. One of my friends said “I’ve never felt this way about a show before”, quite true, quite true! If you haven’t seen it GET ON IT RIGHT NOW… Fancy hot naked people, sex, fur and fighting?? Then Game of Thrones is for YOU!

Recently went to the Tate Modern to see Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition. She’s one fascinating lady with quite exquisite work.